Quickly build accurate and precise case timelines

Chronologica lets you transform large volumes of complex documents into one clear, actionable timeline.

  • Get a fast overview of your matter
  • Pinpoint crucial details
  • Connect narratives to relevant evidence
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Grasp the overall sequence of events

Generate a case chronology directly from your documents that you upload. Organise your case details, quickly understand them, and save hours on analysis and timeline building. 

Chronologies are critical in helping bring understanding and clarity on cases for all parties, including the courts.

Partner, Litigation, Offshore Legal

Identify key details and enhance precision

Build a structured case narrative and substantiate your entries with smart cross-references to your evidence. Improve clarity and reduce the risk of details being overlooked. 

An intuitive tool to support the creation of chronologies can transform investigations and permit considerable cost and time savings.

COO, UK Regulatory Practice

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Amplify your expertise and free up time to focus on higher-level work

Simplify case visualisation and create a court or counsel ready chronology with a click. Share and export your chronology, making it easier to present case overviews to colleagues and counterparties.