Automate chronology creation with AI

Chronologica builds a structured timeline of events directly from, and cross-referenced to, your documents.

  • Have case chronologies built for you using AI 
  • Efficiently cross-reference your case timelines
  • Improve alignment within litigation teams and the court
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Have case chronologies built for you using AI

Magic Timelines automatically builds case chronologies from your uploaded documents, helping you quickly understand your matter.

Advanced AI extracts events, facts and entities from evidence so you can pinpoint crucial details.

"An intuitive tool to support the creation of chronologies can transform investigations and permit considerable cost and time savings."

COO, UK Regulatory Practice

Efficiently cross-reference your case timelines

Chronologica makes timeline management and cross-referencing intuitive, user-friendly and time-saving. 

Link events directly to evidence, access your documents alongside the chronology viewer and eliminate the need for cumbersome cross-referencing.

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Improve alignment within litigation teams and impress the court

Collaborate in real-time with colleagues and counsel and deliver more enhanced, structured case overviews.

Export polished, cross-referenced and paginated chronologies.

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Straightforward pricing

Create as many chronologies as needed for your case. Whether your matter demands little or considerable evidence to support, we have a plan to fit your needs.

  • Small

    For basic cases requiring fewer document uploads

    10,000 pages

  • Medium

    Upload additional documents for your case

    50,000 pages

  • Large

    Support complex cases with larger volumes of documents

    1,000,000 pages

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